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All these women, and more recently came forward to detail their experiences with Matlala to City Press, who seems to have insulted all of them and defrauded a few out of thousands of rands.While Madisakwane and Shezi may have had some conflict, Madisakwane says that it was Matlala's behaviour that ended their relationship.IRISH FATHERS are currently entitled to two weeks paternity leave – but in France the government has been asked by a group of high-profile campaigners to extend leave for fathers from 11 days to six weeks, and to make the time off work obligatory.Their petition was supported by more than 50,000 people – and they want to make the leave compulsory in order to stop employers bullying fathers back into work.Porter was, however, later found to have done nothing wrong.He said: "So I got brought into the guidance counsellor's room and he was like 'hey we actually know that you weren't and we totally don't think that there was anything wrong here, but as a matter of course, we have to tell your parents.

It's been revealed by Al Porter himself that he was previously accused of sexually assaulting three former classmates when in secondary school.

In addition to wanting her and her children to move in with him just 3 months after their relationship began, he was angered by the fact that she had removed the pictures they had taken together off her Instagram.

So angered in fact that he dumped her because of it and proceeded to send her angry voice notes littered with vulgar language.

It was reported that Madisakwane tried to take her life after the break up but she shut those reports down saying "I'm a mother and a God-fearing woman.

A woman of my integrity, values and class would never try to commit suicide for a man she has known for less than three months."Before adding, "this was not even a serious relationship. If I wanted a serious relationship I would look for it in a man who is very mature and has a particular class."The pair allegedly broke up due to issues with the mother of Nico's child, Phumzile Shezi whom he dated after his break up with KB.

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